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238                  LECTURES AND ESSAYS

inimicus. I do not deny that the priest is very
often a most earnest and conscientious man,
doing the very best that he knows of as well as
he can do it Lord Arnberley is quite right in
saying that the blame rests more with the laity
than with the priesthood ; that it has insisted on
magic and mysteries, and has forced the priest-
hood to produce them. But then, how dreadful
is the system that puts good men to such uses!
And although it is true that in its origin a
priesthood is the effect of an evil already
existing, a symptom of social disease rather
than a cause of it, yet, once being created and
made powerful, it tends in many ways to
prolong and increase the disease which gave it
birth, One of these ways is so marked and of
such practical importance that we are bound
to consider it here: I mean the education of
children. If there is one lesson which history
forces upon us in every page, it is this: Keep your
children away from the priest^ or he will make
them the enemies of mankind. It is not the
Catholic clergy and those like them who are
alone to be dreaded in this matter; even the
representatives of apparently harmless religions
may do incalculable mischief if they get
education into their hands. To the early
Mohammedans the mosque was the one public
building in every place where public business
could be transacted; and so it was naturally